2018 Rocky MTB 3 Hour Day/Night XC

Rocky MTB 3 Hour Day/Night Team & Solo XC

2018 Rockhampton MTB 3 hour XC day/night race

Race Summary

Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club held its annual pre-season 3 hour XC day/night race at Seeonee Park on Saturday 17 March 2018.

This was a social cross-country event catering for solo riders, teams, and juniors and all categories were well-represented.

Despite an earlier postponement three weeks ago due to weather, Mother Nature provided perfect riding conditions today.

The race enjoyed a record number of entrants from Rockhampton and across the greater Central Queensland region, further demonstrating how much mountain biking continues to soar in popularity in our beautiful part of the world.

Particularly evident this year was the large number of juniors taking part in the race. These are our future local champs, committee members, and trail builders and it’s really great to see so many young people getting involved in the sport.

With the dust now settled, here is a summary of yesterday’s results. Congratulations to all the category winners and everyone who took part.

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Your guide to racing Gravity Enduro

Riding Gravity Enduro

So you’re thinking of having a go at this thing they call Gravity Enduro, but like lots of people, you don’t really know what to expect, how to prepare for your first race, and what exactly you will need.

Gravity Enduro (GE) is a very laidback and social style of racing, and is great for a bit of friendly competition between mates!

Gravity Enduro racing at First Turkey MTB Reserve #1
photo by kind permission Allan Reinikka Photography @ arp33.com

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2018 Rocky MTB 3 Hour Day/Night XC

Rocky MTB 3 Hour Day/Night Team & Solo XC

This event has been rescheduled to 17 March due to bad weather. Click here to see the new event details.

Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club is holding its annual pre-season 3 hour XC day/night race on Saturday 24 February 2018. This is a social cross-country event catering for solo riders, teams, and juniors.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned pro, come along – It’s a heap of fun racing through kilometres of native bushland and a great chance to meet new riding buddies. Continue reading “2018 Rocky MTB 3 Hour Day/Night XC”

The Lighthouse Hub is haunted


The Lighthouse hub at First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve is a popular pit-stop for riders. But did you know that it also bears a curse?

Back in 1872, an old miner named Harry built a hut on the very slab where we park our bikes today.

An avid cyclist and founding father of Rocky MTB, Harry ventured out one morning to polish the wheels on his penny farthing before heading off to the quarry.

But alas, his life was suddenly cut short. As Harry exited his hut, he tripped over an empty rum barrel that someone had carelessly discarded outside his door, and he fell down the cliff and died. Continue reading “The Lighthouse Hub is haunted”

Updating Our Trail App Maps

The average Rockhampton mountain biker has probably never heard of OpenStreetMap (OSM) but in fact you use this software and the maps that it generates every time you take a GPS device on a ride.

OSM is the mapping software embedded in the many riding apps we use every day such as Strava, Trailforks, and Runkeeper.

When you ride, the apps on your device simply overlay your current GPS data onto the background map provided by the OSM remote server.

When using your apps, you’ve no doubt noticed that many Rocky MTB trails are missing, wrongly plotted, or simply don’t exist anymore. Continue reading “Updating Our Trail App Maps”

New Rocky MTB website

Mountain Bike Trailing Building at First TurkeyHi everyone. We’ve got the rakes and shovels out again but this time in cyberspace.

Today we’ve started building a bigger and brighter website to serve as a central hub for the Rockhampton mountain biking community.

We also aim to provide a central resource for visitors to the region who would like to try our excellent mountain bike trails.

Please be patient during this brief construction phase. We will be adding new content daily and hope to have the site finished in about two weeks.

We hope you like it – Stay tuned 🙂