Rocky MTB Enduro Jerseys

Note: Jerseys are ordered in batches usually twice a year. We notify group members via the club Facebook page when jersey orders are open.

What better way to ride the trails than wearing one of our groovy new 2021 Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club jerseys!

Note: The jerseys on this page are loose-fit ideal for general trail riding and enduro. If you are looking for our race-fit lycra XC jerseys and kit, click here!

Wherever you ride, you’ll be able to show your true colours as a proud club member of Rocky MTB!

Available in short or long sleeve, you can even have your name on the back!

Jerseys are available to members only. Not a club member yet? Go to our Membership page to take up a free trial membership!

You’ll find a size chart and order form for the jerseys below.

Rocky MTB short sleeve jerseys
Short sleeve jersey
Rocky MTB long sleeve jerseys
Long sleeve jersey

Order form (choose quantity at checkout)

Published by Jake Keleher

Jake is our Vice President, resident enduro guru, and curator of all things gnarly. Whilst he comes from a background of BMX and DH racing, he probably should’ve pursued a career as a postman because all he ever talks about is licking the stamp and sending it!

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    1. Hi Benjamin, the jerseys are ordered usually twice a year as we have to order in batches. We just received the last order so I’d envisage early 2022 before we have enough members wanting jerseys to put in another order. We’ll post on the Rocky MTB Facebook page when orders are open again.

  1. hi, im a memeber of the club and im trying to purchase the jersey bu the problem is when i go to paypal already i dont have any details to whom to send the payment. can you help me.

    1. Hi Lloyd. I just did a test run to see the problem but everything seems to be working fine. Are you entering all the size and contact info etc on the jersey page on the Rocky MTB site before going to PayPal? Also have you blocked cookies from Paypal or the Rocky MTB website at some point? Those are the only reasons I can think of where the two sites wouldn’t sync properly. Regs, Andrew