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2018 Rockhampton MTB 3 hour XC day/night race
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Whether you’re competitive or just ride for fun, there are plenty of chances to get into mountain biking in the Rockhampton region.

Below you will see three calendars:

  • quick list of races
  • printable race calendar
  • Google calendar of all races & social events

In the first two calendars, you will also find race events co-hosted by Gladstone MTB as part of the CQ enduro and cross-country series.

The Google calendar is our official ‘everything’ calendar. As well as having more detailed info on upcoming races, it contains all our social rides, training days, club meetings, dig days etc.

Race List

Any events that have a link are ready for you to register.

21 September 2019 – CQ XC round 4 @ First Turkey
30 November 2019 – Gravel Rush Pursuit @ First Turkey
22 February 2020 – Rocky MTB 3 hour day/night XC @ Seeonee Park
29 March 2020 – CQ Enduro round 1 @ First Turkey
19 April 2020 – Maxxis Queensland Enduro Series 2020 Rd 2 @ First Turkey
2 May 2020 – CQ XC round 2 @ First Turkey
30 May 2020 – Rocky MTB 6 Hour @ First Turkey
26 July 2020 – CQ Enduro round 3 @ First Turkey
15 August 2020 – CQ XC round 4 @ First Turkey

Printable Race Calendar

Click on the image to open a pdf file for easy printing, or if you just want this image on your phone or desktop, right-click the image below and save it.

Google Calendar – all Races & Social Events