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Whether you’re a beginner mountain biker or a seasoned pro, chances are you’re often searching the web for how-to videos to find answers to your questions.

Maybe there’s a technique or trick you want to master for the trails, or some aspect of the workings of your mountain bike that you want to better understand.

Our members are no different. We’re video junkies. To save you the trouble of sifting through all the copied, long-winded, and dodgy content out there, we’ve assembled a collection of cool links to the best original how-to videos for your enjoyment.

We’ve divided the list into two categories; skills and mechanical. We hope you find the videos useful.

DISCLAIMER: This list is provided for general information and entertainment. Any advice given is the opinion of the author of the video. Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club takes no responsibility for your acting on said advice.



These mechanical videos are simply intended to help you better understand your bike and to look after it between services. Your local bike shop will always be your best choice for servicing, advice, and repairs.

General Setup





Tyres & Rims

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