The Lighthouse Hub is haunted


The Lighthouse hub at First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve is a popular pit-stop for riders. But did you know that it also bears a curse?

Back in 1872, an old miner named Harry built a hut on the very slab where we park our bikes today.

An avid cyclist and founding father of Rocky MTB, Harry ventured out one morning to polish the wheels on his penny farthing before heading off to the quarry.

But alas, his life was suddenly cut short. As Harry exited his hut, he tripped over an empty rum barrel that someone had carelessly discarded outside his door, and he fell down the cliff and died.

A century and a half later, Old Harry continues to haunt the hills around Lighthouse. On a quiet evening, you can still hear his screams as he plummets down the gully.

The Lighthouse curse

Thus, let it be known that if you leave rubbish behind at Lighthouse Hub, you risk Old Harry’s wrath.

You will definitely get a flat tyre. It happens every time. You’ll probably snap your forks too. They’ll be cactus. That’s how the trail got its name.

And then, when you limp home covered in blood and bruises, your girlfriend will laugh at you. She’ll call you a loser and hook up with your best mate. You’ll be alone and sad with a busted bike.

All you’ll want to do is go riding to help cope with your grief. You’ll have no choice but to ride that clapped out Northern Star in the back shed – You know, the second hand 26er your weird uncle gave you for your 14th birthday with the flaking gold paint, triple chain ring, and canvas poking thru the tread.

Nobody wants that. Not even your ex. Sure, she dissed you on Facebook because you’re pathetic, but she doesn’t want you dead.

Save yourself. It’s not too late to avoid Old Harry’s rage. Take control of your destiny, and take your rubbish with you.

Published by Andrew Thompson

Andrew is web guru and social ride coordinator for Rocky MTB and Cycle CQ. He rides XC, enduro, road, track, fat bikes, and gravel. His life ambition is to declare First Turkey a separate country and be crowned emperor.

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  1. its fake there is no CLIFF what r u oN aboUt goD ! i loVe mtb but this is bull . get ya fact right XDD love u