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Report a Trail - fallen tree

Our volunteers devote a lot of time to maintaining the First Turkey trail network but maintenance is a never-ending job. We don’t always see trail damage, e.g. a fallen tree or dislodged rocks (dang those turkeys!) before someone reports it to us.

This page is designed to make that process easier. If you do find an issue, please let us know in the comments section below as soon as you see it.

And please, please, please – If you see something minor, like a small branch or a couple of loose rocks that have rolled onto a trail – stop and remove them yourself if it’s safe to do so.

Let us know by all means, and we thank you for doing this, but just remember all our volunteers are exactly that – guys and girls who devote their free time to making everyone’s enjoyment of the trails as great as possible.

If you remove the odd rock and stick here and there, you’re definitely helping the team effort as well as your fellow riders!

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  1. Whipsnake – last jump at the end, torn up by pigs

    Wild Pig – about 2/3rd way up some minor pig damage (digging) right in the centre of the trail

    Cactus – small end jumps before tabletop, minor wear and tear erosion

    Lower Wild Pig – one of the lower corners with leaning tree. Leans further on an angle every season and now also shows sign of rot. I’m worried it will fall on someone one day.

    Wundali – an ideal target for a raking party in a working bee. The middle switchback areas are full of loose rocks and it needs a little TLC