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Rockhampton Mountain Bike Trails

When it comes to mountain bike trails, Rockhampton is blessed to be surrounded by mountain ranges with picturesque creeks and bushland right on our doorstep.

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Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club manages two networks of trails.

In the foothills abutting Mount Archer National Park, First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve hugs the north-side suburbs of Norman Gardens and Frenchville, and is our premier trail network.

A ten minute drive east towards Yeppoon, Seeonee Park at Limestone Creek is our second trail network and is a popular training ground for XC riders to work on their endurance.

Club and regional competitions, as well as social rides, are held at both MTB parks every year.  You can check out our race calendar for upcoming events.


Included in the details of each trail is a symbol to indicate its degree of difficulty. We use the standard symbols as defined in the IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System:
 (Green Circle) Easy
 (Blue Square) Intermediate
 (Black Diamond) Difficult
 (Double Black Diamond) Extreme


Seeonee Park

(Between Access 4 & 5)

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Rocky MTB hosts numerous XC trails at Seeonee Park which cater for all abilities and skill levels.

The club uses the Seeonee Park trails to host several cross-country races throughout the year.

Scouts Queensland owns Seeonee Park and allows Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club limited access.

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First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve


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Just a 15 minute drive from the Rockhampton City CBD, the First Turkey trails weave past the popular summer swimming holes at Moore’s Creek then rise up into the hills.

First Turkey provides a fantastic array of trails through diverse terrain to suit all levels and types of riders. The trails at First Turkey are open 24/7 except after heavy rain.


1995 ◈ First Turkey

1995 is one of the original downhill trails at First Turkey and regularly features in Gravity Enduro competitions.

A black diamond trail with a rating of difficult, 1995 is suited for very experienced riders only. Like all of our downhill trails, 1995 is strictly one-way and walking up the trail is not allowed.

To ride 1995, head up to Turkey’s Nest via Finley’s or you can also come across from Lighthouse via Upper Pig.
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Ants Nest ◈ First Turkey

Rocky MTB Bike Hub iconOpened in late 2017, Ants Nest is the highest altitude hub at First Turkey.

Located at the top of Jackhammer, Ants Nest is a popular place for riders to catch their breath before shooting down Megatron, Smokescreen or K-9.

Ants Nest can also be reached via the as-yet-unnamed connector trail (nicknamed Sow’s Run) from Turkeys Nest.

Cactus ◈ First Turkey

Built in late 2016, Cactus is a one-way downhill trail. It has fast become one of the most popular tracks at First Turkey and is a feature trail for Gravity Enduro competitions.

Named for an ominous crop of prickly pear on one of the sweeping berms, Cactus begins at the Lighthouse hub and features plenty of drops, berms and jumps.

You can climb to the Lighthouse via Wild Pig from Moore’s Creek, or ride across from Turkey’s Nest via Finley’s and Upper Pig.
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Creek Link ◈ First Turkey

After a fun day shredding down Whip Snake and Cactus, why take the boring path home? Instead, head up the short rise along Creek Link which forks off the Moore’s Creek track. Creek Link marks the start of a five minute detour of high-speed XC awesomeness through the low trails on your way back to the German Street trail head.

This short and zippy track hooks into the bottom of Finley’s then blasts into Horseshoe for some tight twitchy trails and gully crossings before descending madly down to the creek. As you hurtle into the left turn that T-bones the Low Road, you’ll test your tyres, brakes, suspension and courage – and maybe question the width of your handlebars 🙂

Then it’s on to the super-fast clay straight along the creek. As smooth as silk, the Low Road boasts some of the fastest speeds recorded at First Turkey and will have you grinning from ear to ear. Finally, a quick veer to the right drops you down onto Zara’s Crossing and you’re on you way back to the German Street car park.

Seriously, the Creek Link-Horseshoe detour will only add minutes to your big day out but it’s a brilliant way to end every ride.
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Enzo’s Link ◈ First Turkey

Named for the previous club president’s trail dog, Enzo’s Link is a connector trail between Finley’s and Scrub Turkey.

This shortcut has a couple of cool little trail features to challenge new riders, and is often used in races to provide a shorter circuit for novice and junior riders.
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Finley’s ◈ First Turkey

Finleys trailRising 93 metres over its 2.4 km length, Finley’s is an extremely popular trail with a 4% gradient that climbs from Moore’s Creek to the hub at Turkey’s Nest.

Riding up Finley’s is a great bit of cardio to get your day started with plenty of tight switchbacks and single track through native bushland, plus the occasional turkey leaping out of the scrub to keep you on your toes.

When you reach the hub, you can branch onto Scrub Turkey, 1995, Wild Pig, Whitey, or take the new ridge-top trail across to Jackhammer. Or just turn around and rip back down Finley’s for a super-fun descent.
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Horseshoe ◈ First Turkey

Heading into the First Turkey trails via Zara’s Crossing, Horseshoe begins with a long flat straight that belies what lays ahead. You’ll see a subtle rock drop-down across the path and then a trail fork to the right.

Pick a low gear for a short steep ascent that will get your heart pumping. Then it’s on to a series of low hills and gullies through native scrub to link up with Zamia Plateau and Finley’s.

Coming from the other direction, Horseshoe provides an awesome high speed descent along single track at the end of your day’s ride.
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Jackhammer ◈ First Turkey

Built in May 2017, the Jackhammer trail is a very exciting addition to the First Turkey trail network and marks the beginning of the next stage of expansion.
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K9 Mountain Bike Trail, First Turkey, Rockhampton
photo by Jason Bearham

K-9 ◈ First Turkey

Top to bottom hang on and keep your wits about you because K-9 can bite.

K-9 is a one-way downhill trail. It begins at Ant’s Nest hub and runs down to Horseshoe.

You can reach reach K-9 via Jackhammer or ride across the ridge from Turkey’s Nest.

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Leper’s Leap ◈ First Turkey

Leper’s Leap is a double black diamond downhill trail, with a rating of Extreme. It is a thing of legend and fear, an absolute beast with huge rocky drops that demands your respect. Do not ride this trail unless you are an extremely competent downhill rider and definitely never ride it alone.

Like all our downhill trails, Leper’s Leap is strictly one way. Attempting to walk up the trail is not permitted (or physically possible). To ride Leper’s Leap, ascend to Turkey’s Nest via Finley’s, or you can also come across from Lighthouse via Upper Pig.
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Lighthouse Hub ◈ First Turkey

Rocky MTB Bike Hub iconOpened in late 2016, the Lighthouse hub is a popular stop for riders to meet up or catch their breath before the next downhill run.

From Lighthouse, you can descend several enduro trails including Whip Snake, Cactus, and Lower Whitey.

Lighthouse has a concrete standing area with seats plus a hanger rack to park your bike. There are no amenities so you will need to bring your own food and water. Shade is courtesy of whatever the trees and clouds provide on the day.

The main feeder trail into Lighthouse is Wild Pig coming up from Moore’s Creek. You can also ride across from Turkey’s Nest via Upper Pig.

Trivia: the hub is named after the discovery of fragments of an old Lighthouse-brand cast iron stove that was found here, which according to some late night Googling is 80 – 120 years old. The surrounding area was once quarried for stone plus supported a number of small farms. The stove along with the concrete slab and other domestic debris found in the scrub nearby suggest this was once the site of a farm house or quarry worker’s cottage.

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Megatron ◈ First Turkey

Megatron was completed in October 2017. Starting at Ant’s Nest Hub, Megatron is a 2 kilometre-long mega flow trail descending from the top of Jackhammer down to Horseshoe 190 metres below. Super fun!
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Moore’s Creek Trail ◈ First Turkey

Mountain Bike trails alongside Moores CreekEssentially an unpaved service road, the Moore’s Creek Trail provides general access to the First Turkey trail network.

When using this track, please be aware that it is a multi-purpose trail also used by walkers and emergency vehicles.

In the warmer months, it can get very busy with families hiking to the swimming holes, so please treat other users with courtesy.
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Scrub Turkey ◈ First Turkey

Tight switchbacks, slippy corners and rocky outcrops make Scrub Turkey a fun filled ride. Scrub Turkey is one-way, accessible from Turkey’s Nest.
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Smoke Screen ◈ First Turkey

more info to come.
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Sunset Trail ◈ First Turkey

Sunset Trail starts at the trail head at German Street. Ideal for novices, Sunset Trail is an enjoyable five minute warm up ride alongside Moore’s Creek.

A new concrete floodway crosses the creek which marks the beginning of the First Turkey trail network.
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Turkey’s Nest ◈ First Turkey

Rocky MTB Bike Hub iconTurkey’s Nest has long been regarded as our main hub, perhaps because at 156 metres elevation, it towered over most other trails in the First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve.

That’s no longer the case with the recent completion of Jackhammer which tops out at 214 metres, but it’s definitely true that from Turkey’s Nest, you can get just about anywhere. The view is pretty special too.

Turkeys NestThe easiest way to reach Turkey’s Nest is up Finley’s, or if you’re feeling super fit, have a go at climbing Scrub Turkey. Once at the top, you can descend either of those trails or if you’re looking for some downhill thrills, try 1995, Upper Whitey, or Leper’s Leap. If tight and technical is more your style, head along Upper Pig which will bring you out at the Lighthouse hub.

Turkey’s Nest is a simple bush clearing with some seats and decent rocks to sit on plus pretty good tree coverage for shade. There are no bike racks or amenities, so you will need to bring your own food and water.

Two Up ◈ First Turkey

Pick a granny gear and suck it up. 800 metres long with 61 metres elevation, Two-Up is a steep one-way uphill track that ascends from Horseshoe to an intersection midway up Jackhammer.

Two-Up cuts out a big chunk of the longer climb up Jackhammer but will leave your lungs and legs on fire. You choose – short and steep or long and slack.
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Whip Snake ◈ First Turkey

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Whitey ◈ First Turkey

Whitey trail at First Turkeymore info to come.
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Wild Pig ◈ First Turkey

more info to come.
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Zamia Plateau ◈ First Turkey

One of the original green trails in First Turkey, Zamia Plateau was rebuilt in 2017, along with the trail ends of 1995 and Scrub Turkey.

Zamia Plateau forms a loop which runs of Horseshoe. It’s a great trail for beginners and also a fun warm-up for more experienced riders.
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Zara’s Crossing ◈ First Turkey

Zara's Crossing trail
photo by Azara Goodson

The short winding single-track to Zara’s Crossing forks right off Sunset Trail soon after leaving the German Street trail head, then crosses Moore’s Creek.

Zara’s Crossing is a popular route into First Turkey for riders heading up Horseshoe or Jackhammer.

The causeway is narrow and handmade from rock and earth, and washes away whenever Moore’s Creek floods, so be careful after heavy rain.
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